The teams second Lamborghini Gallardo, nr. 15, was driven this weekend by Austrian downhill skier Hans Knauss and Czech driver Dr Jaromir Jirik, who has had two points finishes in the GT3 Championship so far this year.  Their weekend was not, however, trouble free and a persistent gear selection issue meant they were unable to finish the first race due to technical problems.  They were even more unfortunate in the second race as Hans Knauss was hit from behind by a Maserati which caused a wheel to break away, and the car was unable to take any further part in the race because of the accident damage.

Hans Reiter explains a little more.  The gearbox selection was a bit of a mystery and unfortunately there was not enough time available to complete a full investigation between qualifying and race one. It was a great shame for Hans and Jaro as I think they would have done well.  It was the first time for Hans driving a Lamborghini and I was very impressed with his approach.  He still has a lot to learn as he is not very experienced in racing yet, but he was learning quickly and using that knowledge every time he went on the track.  Because of the problems the car had, Hans had limited time in the car but he showed that he could become a serious race driver and Im hopeful we will do more with him in the future.

The final round of the series takes place in Mugello, Italy on the 16th/17th September.  


5th September 2006