BERU Top 10 - Ford Puma Cup


EuroSpeedway Lausitz  11.-13.05.2001



11.05.2001        Friday         1425 - 1455       30 min    free practice

12.05.2001        Saturday     1035 - 1105       30 min    qualifying practice

13.05.2001        Sunday        1105 - 1135       25 min + 1 lap    race


DSF Broadcasting times:

08.05.2001       Tuesday           Motodrom         2115 - 2215     Invitation 4 min.    

12.05.2001        Saturday         TOP 10 - live     1430 - 1630      Race V8Star + latest news

13.05.2001        Sunday            TOP 10              2015 - 2215      various Cups races

15.05.2001        Tuesday          Motodrom          2115 - 2215      News 15 min.


In the Friday's practice Mr. Jirik, M.D. clocked his fastest lap at 2:09,66. He made this time at the end of the 30 minutes practice session and for some reason this result was not counted in the final results. In the published results only his other (not as good) result at 2:10,273 was registred, which meant 6th position from the 39 qualified cars for the race. If his fastest lap was registred, he would have been in the 2nd place (with 0,24 sec behind the leader).

In the Saturday's qualifying practice Mr. Jirik, M.D. clocked his fastest lap time at 2:09,65. By this he confirmed his best time from the previous day (which did not get counted). This time meant start from the 14th position.

Sunday's start to the race from the 14th position was not without a problem (blocking of passage by slower cars ahead of ours), but our driver managed to follow the tactics prepared for this race. The goal was to "survive" first few laps and then, depending on the situation to try overtaking as many cars as possible. Everything was going as planned until the third lap, when one car off track was making it's way back just at the moment when Mr.Jirik's car was passing by. The crash, which followed, resulted in a damaged steering of our car. With an almost uncontrollable car Mr.Jirik made it back to the paddock boxes area and withdrew from the rest of the race.


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