BERU Top 10 - Ford Puma Cup

MOTOPARK Oschersleben 27.-29.04.2001



27.04.2001        Friday          1425 - 1455            30 min    free practice

28.04.2001        Saturday      0950 - 1020            30 min    qualifying practice

29.04.2001        Sunday         1005 - 1035            25 min + 1 lap    race


In the qualifying practice just at the moment of a best lap time of our car for the race starting position the practice was suspended due to an accident and this lap did not get counted. After clearing the track all 40 cars went on and there was only 10 more minutes left of this session. In the remaining time it was not possible for us to make better time due to the tactics of our team, which were to cruise few laps and then go for the best lap time. In the car there was exactly the amount of fuel needed to follow this tactics. Due to the unsuspected delay in this session there was just not enough fuel left in the tank of our car and made it impossible to continue. Filling up during practice is not allowed.

Mr. Jaromir Jirik, M.D. then was starting the race from a 20th position. During the first three laps he made it to the 15th. When entering the straight before the finishing line of the 3rd lap, in the last chicane, there was a collision between two other cars just in front of Mr. Jirik's car. One of those cars remained positioned still across the track. The tries for braking or making it around that car failed, there was just no time. The front hit collision was inevitable. Due to this accident the car of Mr. Jirik was not able to continue, the damage was done (massive damage to the front of the car, broken engine holders, damaged one half axle, damaged safety cage) and the hopes for a good finish gone. The race even thought starting from the 20th place looked promising for us with a very good chance for a good finish.


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