Technical data of the FORD Puma car required in the

BERU Top 10 - Ford Puma Cup 2001


Ford Puma 1,7

Engine:                ZETEC-SE 16V

                             Total displacement:   1.679 cm3

                             Output:                    107 kW (145 PS)

                             Torque:                    160 Nm at 5.300 1/min

Transmission:       5-speed manual gearbox

Wheels:                Borbet 7,5"x16"

Tyres:                   Dunlop 205/580-16 

Brakes:                 Double circled without ABS

Safety:                  Safety cage

                              4-point safety belts

                              Fire Extinguisher with 4,5 kg filling

Electronics:          Motormanagement Ford EEC-V

                          Associated equipment STACK 8100

Weight:                 min. 895 kg