SPA, Belgium - 29. - 31.7.

/Dr. Jaromir JIRIK - car number: 16/

Schedule and results:

29.7. : Free Practice  14:15 - 14:45h
                                 18:20 - 18:55h

30.7.:   Qualifying:      11:05 - 11:35h
                     result: 13
th place  (0,9s behind the winner)

After the qualifying the complete engine had to be replaced because of a loss of power. Unfortunately there was not a new one available from the factory, and a used one had to be put in instead /for the price of a new one/ .


31.7.:    RACE:            9:02 -  9:42h     (10 laps = 69, 680 km; GP Start)
                    result: 12
th place

During the race Dr. Jirik managed to move to the 6th place. Two laps before the finish line, while overtaking a car to the 5th place, he got again, as at the Magny –Cours 2.5. 2004, deliberately hit by a car of Italian driver Armetta. Unfortunately and without any understandable reason this driver was again not penalized by the officials of the series. This kind of driving and acting has no place at the racing and is absolutely against driver's ethics and should be excluded from the series, because it puts a bad picture on it all. 
With severely damaged car (crashed left rear wheel) Dr. Jirik had troubles finishing the race but managed to end it in the 12
th position.


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