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M o v S D - D V D   (1997 - 2007)

Ten years of MovSD in seventy two minutes.
If you want a copy send us e-mail!
authoring: ReDox

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p b : 3 | 7 3 4   64kB intro (1st at Buenzli 2006)

Tribute to te-2rb and bakkslide7.
code/visuals: Shakul, music: Nula

pb:3|734 [Video] Realtime Prague for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP] Realtime Prague for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP]


R e a l t i m e   P r a g u e   demo (3rd at Marast 2005)

Homography of Prague without crowds. No 3D reconstruction, pure art!
music: AdamJ, design/code: ReDox, graphics/photo: Annatar

Realtime Prague [Video] Realtime Prague for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP] Realtime Prague for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP]


U n d e r g r o u n d   # 2 0   demo (6th at Marast 2004)

Gods have got married! Laast Underground? Broncs undr zlipR? unXpected?
starring: D.ment, Eli, Polla, ReDoks, James Brown and his girlz only fun club!

Underground 20 [Video] Underground 20 for Windows 9x/XP Underground 20 for Windows 9x/XP


D i r a c   demo (8th at Marast 2004)

Tribute to Alejo Hausner. Unfinished party version. Wait for Dirac final!
design/code: ReDox, additional code: Dement, 2D/3D art: Annatar

Dirac [Video] Dirac for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP] Dirac for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP]


S o r   demo (1st at Syndeecate 2003)

Discontinuity mashing in 19th century.
music: Ferdinando Sor, guitar/design/code: ReDox, additional code: Dement, shape art: Annatar, OSk

Sor [Video] Sor for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP] Sor for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP]


R e a l t i m e   R a d i o s i t y  3   demo (6th at Syndeecate 2002)

Make trip to Monte Carlo to meet recent technology gaps using brute force OpenGL!
code: Dement, scripting: ReDox, music: Kakan, 3D: Alan, Annatar, art: OSk, photos: Polla

Realtime Radiosity 3[Video] Realtime Radiosity 3 for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP] Realtime Radiosity 3 for OpenGL [Windows 9x/XP]


Z e m e p l a z   demo (4th at Syndeecate 2002)

De mortuis aut bene aut nihil. Slug's memorial as conceptual art.
code: ReDox, design+animation: Polla, music: Mates

Zemeplaz [Video] Zemeplaz for Windows 9x/XP Zemeplaz for Windows 9x/XP


g - m o l l   demo (1st at Fiasko 2001)

MovSD in love, MovSD in nostalgia, MovSD in progress, MovSD in g-moll.
scripting: ReDox, design: Annatar, graphics: Filipes, animation: OSk, photos: Strejda + Polla, additional code: Dement, music: AdamJ

g-moll [Video] g-moll for Windows 9x/XP g-moll for Windows 9x/XP


K o s i l a c e k   demo (1st at Digital.Zooo)

Final version! But still without subtitles... :-( ...wait for Kosilacek deluxe!
graphics: Raist, scripting+music+animation: ReDox, animation: OSk, voice: Seva

Kosilacek [Video] Kosilacek for Windows 9x/XP Kosilacek for Windows 9x/XP


R e a l t i m e   R a d i o s i t y  2   demo (3rd at Fiasko 2k)

Beyond sagvan, beyond PC limitations. Dee makes it possible!
code: Dement, scripting: ReDox, music+design: Hellboy, music: Adder

Realtime Radiosity 2 [Video] Realtime Radiosity 2 for Windows 9x/XP Realtime Radiosity 2 for Windows 9x/XP Realtime Radiosity 2 for MS-DOS Realtime Radiosity 2 for Linux


F i a s k o   2 k   invitation intro (2000)

Big unsolved fundamental battle.
scripting: ReDox, graphics+design: Frohikey + OSk, music: Ferda

Fiasko 2k invitation intro [Video] Fiasko 2k invitation intro for Windows 9x/XP Fiasko 2k invitation intro for MS-DOS Fiasko 2k invitation intro for Linux


P i n o k i j o   demo (1st at Avalcon 2k)

Different philosophy: working together in fractal dimension.
scripting+design: ReDox, additional code: Dement, graphics: Strejda + Filipes + OSk, music: AdamJ

Pinokijo [Video] Pinokijo for Windows 9x/XP Pinokijo for MS-DOS Pinokijo for Linux/X11


p b : p t   64kB intro (2nd at Demobit'00)

Future sound of one segment.
code: Shakul, music+design: Lharp

pb:pt [Video] pb:pt for MS-DOS


S e c r e t   U l t r a   D r y   demo (3rd at Demobit'00)

New sexual revolution: perzpiration rulez!
scripting: ReDox, design: Hellboy, music: Ferda

Secret Ultra Dry [Video] Secret Ultra Dry for Windows 9x/XP Secret Ultra Dry for MS-DOS Secret Ultra Dry for Linux/X11


S t a t e   o f   M i n d   musicdisk (2000)

Top secret MP3-disk.
unknown artists

State of Mind


R e a l t i m e   R a d i o s i t y   demo (3rd at Subway p2k)

Bullshit, true fake, exactly proved by D.ment.
code+design: ReDox, music: Ferda

Realtime Radiosity [Video] Realtime Radiosty for MS-DOS


F a u x   P a s   demo (4th at Fiasko'99)

The art of electronic impressionism.
code+design: ReDox, graphics: Lukasek, sound: Ferda, Bass, additional code: Shakul

Faux pas [Video] Faux pas for Windows 9x/XP Faux pas for MS-DOS Faux pas for Linux/X11


q d p b   64kB intro (1st at Fiasko'99)

Fast computed minimalism.
code+design: Shakul, music: Lharp

qdpb [Video] qdpb


M i s s   S p o r t y   demo (6th at Fiasko'99)

Broncs grandmother's discotheque in retro.
code+design: ReDox, music: Ferda

Miss sporty [Video] Miss Sporty for Windows 9x/XP Miss Sporty for MS-DOS Miss Sporty for Linux/X11


F i a s k o ' 9 9   invitation intro (1999)

Czech and Slovak demoscene vs. Beatles.
code+design: ReDox, graphics: OSk, music: AdamJ

Fiasko'99 invitation intro [Video] Fiasko'99 invitation intro for MS-DOS


X l a t   demo (3rd at Demobit'98)

We love lost generations.
code+design: ReDox, music: Ferda, graphics: OSk

Xlat [Video] Xlat for MS-DOS


C a g e   demo (1st at Demobit'98)

Powerful 3D engine.
code+design: Shakul, music: Finarfin

Cage [Video] Cage for MS-DOS


P r a g m a   A u x   demo (1st at Fiasko'98)

Realtime socialistic realism.
code+design: ReDox, code: Shakul, graphics: OSk + Seva, music: Ferda

Pragma aux [Video] Pragma Aux for MS-DOS


S t o S D   64kB intro (1st at Fiasko'98)

Bright colorful experience.
code+design: Shakul, music: Finarfin

StoSD [Video] StoSD for MS-DOS


A r a b i c   musicdisk+demo (1997)

1st Czech PC-Demoscene multiproduction pack: Shrot on Market.
music: Ferda + Bass + MaX + GOnDaR, code: ReDox + Karak + Shakul, graphics: OSk + Exorcist

Arabic [Video] Arabic for MS-DOS

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