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Content of plays for children

All performances are intended for children
from the age of 4 years and up!

Martin Klásek, Denisa Kirschnerová "Hurvínek's Trip to Tramtaria"
Where have those two gotten to again! All that it took, was for Hurvínek to catch a bit of a cold. Mánicka read to him from a book of fairy tales and it all just began. He found himself in a land of thirsty flowers, which was ruled by the ill-tempered Princess Gerber. They didn't even have an opportunity to take a look around, before she imprisoned their dog, Zeryk! How did they handle this situation? You'll see.
Approximate length of the performance 1 hour
Director:Martin Klásek
Stage Decoration: Milos Kirschner
and Ivan Moravec
Music: Jirí Toufar
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Martin Klásek, Denisa Kirschnerová "Hurvínek is in Trouble Again"
You know those two! It just wouldn't be Hurvínek and Mánicka, if they didn't "stir up a bit of excitement" once in a while! Unfortunately, Mr. Spejbl and Grandma call this incredible fun "misbehaving". However, without trouble life is just too serious, and so our experienced duo sets out secretly to the place "into the Violin" at the St. Mathew's Fair.
However, neither has any idea about all the things that could happen!
Approximate length of the perform. 1h.20min.
Director:Martin Klásek
Stage Decoration: Richard Maska
Music: Jan Rotter
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Denisa Kirschnerová "Hurvínek Has a Sweet Tooth"
In this play for the youngest audience, Hurvínek and Mánicka suddenly find themselves in a land of sweets full of goodies as well as in inhospitable frozen country. How does all this happen? Zeryk the dog know best of all. Would you believe that in the course of all of this, they don't even leave Grandmother's kitchen. Come and see for yourself.
Approx. length of the performance 1h.20min.
Director:Helena Stáchová, Martin Klásek
Stage Decoration: N. and D. Soták
Music: Milan Dvorák

Helena Stachova, Pavel Cmíral "Hurvinek's Magic Flute"
Hurvínek and Mánicka slip through the back door into the 13th century, experiencing firsthand what life was like then for our great-great-great-grandfathers and grandmothers. Although their adventures do not begin with the words 'Once upon a time', the two still meet a princess and a king who really lived in those times, as sell as a castle on a hilltop and a town beneath it which stood there even then. The king was Premysl Otakar and the princess, his daughter Agnes,the castle was Prague Castle and the town was the Prague of the year 1219.
Approximate length of the performance 1hour 30min.
Director:H. Stáchová and Martin Klásek
Stage Decoration: Richard Maska
Music: Vadim Petrov
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Helena Stáchová "Hurvínek and his Confused Weekend"
A story about a confused weekend afternoon which makes Hurvínek, Spejbl, Mánicka and Mrs. Katerina feel dizzy, especially due to two little bears who have run away from a circus. The play is filled with pretty songs and funny scenes that will amuse and entertain all children.
Approx. length of the performance 1h.15min.
Director:H. Stáchová and Martin Klásek
Stage Decoration: N.and D. Sotak
Music: Milan Dvorak
Photo  |  Video
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Helena Stáchová,D. Kirschnerová"Hurvínek and Mánicka Playing Doctor"
Doctor is one of the most popular children's games. This fairy tale takes the form of a children's musical in which Hurvínek and Mánicka's home changes into afirst aid station. Their services are sought by little animals dissatisfied with their appearance. Later it becomes apparent that the real cause of their disconten is that they fell lonely and unloved. When they are curet the little animals are taught a lesson that every relationship involves both taking and giving love.
Approx. length of the performance 1h.20min.
Director:H. Stáchová
Stage Decoration: N.and D. Sotak
Music: Rene Krupansky
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Martin Klásek "Hurvínek and the Mirror"
This play presents Hurvínek as a child living in today's world. From watching TV and action movies he takes the view that att atractive appearance is more important than intellectual values. He exsercises his muscles in front of a mirror rather than taking care of his education and character. It is only when his "mental ego" from the mirror takes him to the world of fairy tales that Hurvínek realizes which values are the most important in real life.
Approx. length of the performance 1h.20min.
Stage Decoration: R. Maska
Music: K. Trumm

Pavel Grym "The Fairy Tales for Hurvínek"
Hurvínek and Mánicka go to the world of fairy tales where they meet many personages. After they comprehend the value of fairy tales they promise that they will keep returning to the fantasy world for the rest of their lives.
Approx. length of the performance 1h.30min.
Director: Jiri Streda
Stage Decoration: D. Sotak and M. Hunka
Music: Jiri Kolafa
Technical parameters

Team of Authors Theatre S+H "Kaleidoscope"
This play features dialogues between Spejbl, Hurvínek and Mánicka as well as musical and visual settings which are based on the tradition of slapstick.
(Available in several languages.)
Approx. length of the performance 1h.20min.
Stage Decoration: Team of Authors
Music: Team of Authors

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Wheelchair access
is provided.

Those confined to a wheelchair may use a transport ramp to enter the theater. :)