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Content of plays for adults:

Helena Stáchová "Of Mice and Marionettes"
The backstage of the theater, which remains hidden from the eyes of the audience, leads its own life and in private moments, when they are not being watched, not only people, but even marionettes behave differently than in the roles given them by the author. A secret look behind the scenes reveals "What goes on, when nothing is going on" at times, when the theater is visited not by invited, but by uninvited guests, mice. This play was inspired by the successful performance introduced at the 70th Anniversary of the theater's existence.
Approx. length of the performance 1h.50min.
Director:Helena Stáchová, Martin Klásek
Stage Decoration: Milos Kirschner,
Richard Maska
Music: Jiri Toufar

Helena Stáchová "Hurvínek's Trip to the 21st Century"
The linden is our national tree and from its wood two world-renowned marionettes, Spejbl and Hurvínek were created. Spejbl celebrated his eightieth birthday in 2000, and other main characters of the theater, Mánicka and Zeryk the dog have been around for seventy years, just like the Theater of S+H. "We enter the 21st Century with nothing but zeros", rejoices Spejbl. "May the two of us not turn into zeros as well", worries Hurvínek and suffering from an identity crisis, he goes in search of a more attractive and modern image for the new century. Together with the other members of this marionette family, he is presented as a hand puppet, Java puppet, or a mimic marionette. He attempts to profit from the success of personalities from the world of show business, only in the end to turn to the technologies of the future. Of course, in such a form that he can imagine.
Approximate length of the performance 2h.15min.
Director:H. Stáchová a Martin Klásek
Stage Decoration: N. and D. Sotak
Music: Jiri Toufar
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Helena Stáchová "Spejbl's Meaningful Nonsenses"
This play is untraditional both in content and form. It offers surprise and entertainment thanks to the original shapes of the puppets, performance techniques and the fact that the play is based on Spejbl's and Hurvínek's search for the meaning of human existence.
Approx. length of the performance 1h.45min.
Director:H. Stáchová a Martin Klásek
Stage Decoration: N.and D. Sotak
Music: Milan Dvorak
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Helena Stáchová
text and dialogues by Milos Kirschner and the theatre's authors

"Spejbl and Hurvinek Balancing"
The play marks the 50th anniversary of the theatre's presence in Prague and 65th anniversary of its founding. Based on authentic scenes and dialogues which are reminiscent of times gone by, the audience can follow the theatre's development from the beginning until the present as well as the atmosphere and historical background which laid the foundation for its creation.
Approx. length of the performance 2hours
Director:H. Stáchová
Stage Decoration: Team of Authors
Music: Karel Trumm
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Team of Authors "Galaconcert"
This performance offers a variety of typical dialogues between the main protagonists which are combined with settings presenting top professional puppetry.
Approx. length of the performance 1h.45min.
Director:M.Klásek & co.
Stage Decoration: Team of Authors
Music: Team of Authors

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Wheelchair access
is provided.

Those confined to a wheelchair may use a transport ramp to enter the theater. :)