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The Company of the Theater of S & H

Director Mgr.Helena Stachova Helena Stáchová

information about our director and at the same time the interpreter of Mánicka and Ms. Katerina can be found in the V.I.P. section.

Martin Klasek Martin Klásek

you can also find information about the interpreter of Spejbl and Hurvínek and our Artistic Director in the V.I.P. section.

Denisa Kirschnerova Denisa Kirschnerová

As the Dramaturge of our theater, she has actually belonged to the company since 1996. She was born on August 17, 1974 in Prague. In 1993, she made her premiere with a play for children, which she co-authored, "How Hurvínek and Mánicka Played Doctor" in the Theater of S+H. In addition, she is the author of the play "Hurvínek Has a Sweet Tooth" (2001) and the co-author of the play "Hurvínek Is In Trouble Again" (2003) and Hurvínek's Trip to Tramtaria (2003). In 1999, she published the book "I Don't Want To Go Into Another Room". She is currently studying cultural theory, and majoring in Culture Studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University.

Kveta Plachetkova Kvetoslava Plachetková

  • She handles Mánicka
  • interprets a whole range of other roles

  • Michaela Stejskalova Michaela Stejskalová

  • Handles Mánicka
  • Alternates Hurvínek and Spejbl
  • interprets other characters

  • Alena Machackova Alena Machácková

  • Alternation of Ms. Katerina
  • even interprets other characters

  • Michal Bartak Michal Barták

  • Handles Hurvínek.

  • Richard Maska Richard Maska

  • Handles Spejbl.
  • Designer
  • stage decorations in our theater for plays: Hurvínek and the Mirror, Hurvínek Is an Alien, Hurvínek's Magical Flute, Hurvínek Is In Trouble Again, etc.
  • in addition to our theater, stage decorations for performances of the Ballet of the National Theater, Songs of the Earth, works with the Ta Fantastika Theater etc.

  • Rene Hajek René Hájek

  • Handles Ms. Katerina
  • alternation of Spejbl
  • interprets a range of other characters

  • Stage-manager of our performances 
  • Head of the Tour, when we go on tour

  • Miroslav Polak Miroslav Polák

  • Handles and is the "voice" of Zeryk the dog
  • interprets a range of additional roles

  • PR Speaker of the Theatre S+H.

  • Josef Espandr Josef Espandr

  • alternation of Zeryk
  • handles a range of other characters

  • Vlado K. Maric Vlado K. Maric

  • interprets a range of different roles

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    Deutsche Fassung Deutsche Fassung 
    Ceska verze Ceska verze           
    Version française Version française   
    Versión espańola Versión espańola   


    Wheelchair access
    is provided.

    Those confined to a wheelchair may use a transport ramp to enter the theater. :)