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program interface
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What for?

None of existing programs conform to my wish: easy and quickly to check and to repair shoddy subtitle file or easy to create new subtitle from the scratch.

How it works?

Nice and perfect, of course! You may watch the movie on the TV or CRT and immediately edit mistakes or simply by one keyclick "mark" the place, where you will be return later for fix (F11 puts bookmark; suitable assigned F11 to any remote control key if you use e.g. Girder, F7 finds bookmarks).

Wrong line wrapping you may quickly repair by pressing F5 or F6, text misspelling by pressing F4.

Instruction, Handbook

There is no need, but exists, unfortunately complete version is only in Czech language, because my english is very wrong (how you are found out). I'm looking for someone, who translate remaining parts.


Necessary condition: Windows 32 bit (Win 95/98/ME, Win NT4/2000/XP) and Windows Media Player 6 (Windows 98 SE or later and MSIE 4 has it). Direct Show filter DivXG400 is highly recommended (or VobSub, or ffdshow) for displaying subtitles in Player.

Infra red Remote controller support

Yes, you may use the Infra red Remote controller to control the program. I use Girder software with Igor plug-in and his very simply hardware.

Licence agreement

Program was distributed for one year as freeware, now as shareware.

Download software

SubtitlesK5ky: here is version from 24-Sep-2006, approximately 740 KB, packed in ZIP archive.
The archive file contains EXE, INI and language files. The program doesn't need to be installed (simply unpack whole ZIP to the folder and then run EXE). The files must be together in same folder, TXT and DIZ is not needed for program run (you may delete them).
Note: previous program's version ( to was released as BETA RELEASE for testing. I stop beta testing 30-Jun-2003.

Next utility is the program for conversion any subtitle file format to Micro DVD Player format.
K5SubConvert: here is version from 05-Jun-2003, approximately 270 KB, packed in ZIP archive.
The archive contains EXE file and doesn't need to be installed (simply unpack and run).

Registration of users

Now I do not send registration for free. Releases of program as of 01-Jul-2003 are available only for donators who supports development of program.

Registration was free, but now is not. You may see number of free registered testers here.

Registered copy (and e-mail to me)

Help wanted

Program interface supports any language based on "Roman characters". If you want, you may simply add new language to INI file by adding new pointer to language section ( in [Language] nextnumber=yourlanguage ). Language section ( [lang] ) may be stored in INI or in separate language file. For example:


All phrases may be taken from another language file and simply translated.


I made from scratch or correct many subtitle files already. You may visit my page. How to play text based subtitles with DVD content I wrote here.


Any you want to tell, tell in this Discussion (English is acceptable, button [ODEŠLI/aktualizuj] entails [SEND]). Please, do not use e-mail contact if it is not necessary, because may e-mail may be attacked, if your PC is/will be infected by e-mail worm viruses.


o všech informacích zde uvedených platí, že nutně nemusí být 100% správné.
Stránka byla vytvořena pomocí programu NOTEPAD.EXE, což je jediná správná cesta, jak tvořit HTML.
Obrázky obrazovek byly nasnímány za prostého užití čudlíku [PrintScreen],
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v programu Corel PhotoPaint.



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