Heating case TS3

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Heating case TS 3 is used for drying worksuit and footwear. In winter it can be also used for heating worksuit. The case is made of three identical boxes, which make one comlex. The colour of the case matches to the RAL sampler.

Technical parameters:
Energy input of the heating element:
Max. energy input of the whole case:
Max. drying time:
230 V / 50 Hz
130 W
400 W
less than 64 hours
1900x900x600 mm

The case is made of three individual lockable boxes. Electronic control is individual for each box. There is also air-blower in the boxes, which ensure degasification of wet air from room of the box. There are controls of drying on the front top panel. The control light on front panel indicates condition of drying mode. The case can be turn off anytime. In case that it wouldn't be turn off by man, the drying mode will be turn off automatically after setting time (2-64 hours). Electronics doesn't solve power cut. After a power cut it is necessary to turn the case on again. These cases are usually place in changing rooms. This product contains electronic circuitry which can´t be exposed to activity of strong electromagnetic interference. The case TS3 doesn´t need any special service.

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