UAE PS2 port

UAE PS2 port

Port of the UAE amiga emulator for the PS2 platform. It was build by the ps2dev free development tools to satisfy my curiosity wether the uae could be compilable under ps2dev environment and how well will it perform. Have fun!

Update 2004.03.05
The regular version is up and ready.

Major changes of the port:
- more cpu cores
- AGA support
- up to 4MB of memory for ECS and up to 2MB for AGA
- more precise timing
- sound emulation (preliminary)
- 'options dialog' for disk swapping
- 2nd joystick emulation (on 2nd joypad)
- virtual keyboard
- host:/ independent

uae-0.8.25-ecs-ps2 Executable - ECS chipset.
Get it if you want to just try out.

uae-0.8.25-aga-ps2 Executable - AGA chipset.
Note: this version is slower and takes more ps2 memory.

uae-0.8.25-ps2-src The source files.
Get it only if you have ps2dev installed and want to recompile.